Narcos, A maid’s tale and the curtailment of freedoms

No, it is not really fiction, in fact, I remind even some of you that you were one of those who thought it normal that this should be done and that you believed that it was the lesser evil for our good. The marketers are only trying to take advantage of a boutade like the one that went so well with Narcos, only they have not noticed that this time they are stepping on their own corn, an «abnormal normality» from here, not from distant Colombia and we already know that today the pseudovoltairian saying has been inverted «I will be willing that you say what you want, offend whoever you offend, that you cross any red line, as long as it is not mine» 😉 Past is a bitch, it comes behind you, and when you least expect it , it bites you in the neck right?

(The poster is from a series, but it literally says in Catalan: «The freedom of movement is restricted in this country». Meanwhile, we are still under a curfew. The second I relate to says White Christmas, Narcs (Pablo Escobar) in Netflix. It was found very funny in Spain, while the second wasn’t, don’t ask me why 😉


No, no es ficción, de hecho, os recuerdo a muchos que erais de a los que les pareció normal que eso se hiciera y que creísteis que era el mal menor por nuestro bien. Los del márketing sólo tratan de aprovechar una boutade como aquella que les salió tan bien con Narcos, sólo que no han advertido que esta vez pisan un callo propio, una «normalidad anormal» de aquí, no de la distante Colombia y ya sabemos que hoy el dicho pseudovoltairiano se ha invertido «estaré dispuesto a que digas lo que quieres, ofendas a quien ofendas, que traspases cualquier línea roja, siempre que no sean las mías» Past is a bitch, it comes behind you, and when you least expect it, it bites you in the neck ¿verdad?