Gaza, Israel, Gitai and Sucari

There are certain Jewish and Israeli filmakers like Amos Gitai or Jacobo Sucari that pay the heavy price of offering a critical point of view of the Occupation.

I have had the pleasure of working with both. I translated Amos during his first visit to Barcelona, when we both were very young, and I was a frontline witness to the strong emotions involved when an old lady, a camps’ surivovr, shouted and showed us her rprisoner number tatoo. On the other hand, I am long time friend of Jaco and helped to produce his documentary on the remains of the Sapnish Transition, The Heroes’ Dream.

Y en ese silencio atronador se oirá a @RaholaOficial gritando «¡escudos humanos, escudos humanos, escudos humanos!» que es la gran excusa para que los asesinos sionistas bombardeen escuelas y hospitales. Imagino que es lo que decía Himmler cuando destruían el gueto de Varsovia mientras los «terroristas judíos» trataban de defenderse con armas cortas.

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