Haste is capitalism in cinema – Blow Up/Zerkalo

Today, capitalism has arrived to cinema in the manner of a compulsive consumption of images, empty, sense-less, with no meaning.

Tarkovsky already said it in 1975, in The Mirror: «Like us, who are rushing, fussing, uttering banalities. That’s beacuse we dont trust nature that is inside us. Always this suspiciousness, haste, and no time to stop and think»

maryon park
Por si algún día queréis emular a David Hemmings y Vanessa Redgrave e internaros por Maryon Park. Little White Lies. On Location

13 de enero de 2023. Muere Jeff Beck, «el guitarrista favorito de rus guitarristas favoritos» y protagonista de una de las escenas míticas de la mítica película de escenas míticas, Blow Up, de Michelangelo Antonioni.